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The Otago Peninsula headland is arguably the most precious wildlife habitat in New Zealand, and has been described by David Bellamy as "one of the finest examples of eco-tourism in the world". 

Yellow Eyed Penguin NZ Fur Seal Cormorants Cormorants Cormorants

Yellow Eyed Penguin

Rarest of all the species of penguin, the Yellow Eyed Penguin (Hoiho) is endemic to New Zealand.  Natures Wonders has an ever growing population of the endangered Yellow Eyed Penguin with over 60 breeding pairs nesting here in 2008.  This is due to a number of factors, including the self funded predator control programme.

Little Blue Penguin

The Little Blue Penguins (Koroa) at Natures Wonders are thriving in their natural environment.  They are the smallest penguin species standing at an average height of 25cm and weighing approximately 1kg.  Penguin Beach is one of the main breeding and nesting areas for Little Blue Penguins although they are seen in a number of other areas around the farm due to the success of the predator control programme. 

New Zealand Fur Seal

Natures Wonders has one of the world's largest breeding colonies of NZ Fur Seals (Kekeno).  They live on a large rocky area of the coast and can be seen anytime of the day all year round.  The breeding colony is home to hundreds of seal pups and you can witness the pups being born right in front of your eyes.  Throughout the year there is always something different happening at the fur seal colony.


The Natures Wonders coastline has a vast amount of rugged cliffs that rise up from the crashing Pacific Ocean waves whic provides perfect nesting areas for the cormorants (spotted shags).  During the breeding season the cormorants have exceptional breeding plumage which transforms them quite dramatically.  The cormorants can be viewed from the viewing platform (seasonal).


Other Wildlife

Other Wildlife that commonly visit Natures Wonders includes Sea Lions, Leopard Seals and a variety of other birdlife which include, the White Faced Heron, Cormorants, Black Back Gulls, and Oyster Catchers.   The Royal Albatross are also seen flying around at certain times of the year.

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