Natures Wonders Naturally

The Farm

Natures Wonders is a working sheep farm running between 1500 - 2500 stock units for wool and meat production.

Yellow Eyed Penguin NZ Fur Seal Cormorants

The sheep are perendales which were first bred in 1956 at Massey University by crossing a Cheviot over a Romney.

Sheep farming is part of daily life for the Reid family as they find the balance between farming and tourism. The sheep numbers are expected to decrease in the future as more areas of the farm are dedicated to the conservation efforts. These include the thousands of native trees that have been, and will continue to be providing more protected areas for the wildlife.

Perry is often spotted around the property mustering, crutching, drafting, drenching and shearing with eldest son Martin as they have the added workload of daily farming chores.

The diversity of Natures Wonders is used as a role model for how well farming and conservation can work in our modern world.

Tours of 'The Sheep Shed' at Natures Wonders are now available.  This tour is 'the real deal’, a genuine sheep-shearing demonstration timed for your visit.  View the tour >>

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