Natures Wonders Naturally


Totally self funded Natures Wonders has pumped a staggering amount of money and resources into protecting the beaches, wildlife, and the thousands of native trees that have been planted around the property.  Kilometers of twelve foot high predator proof fencing have been erected to protect these beaches, which include the all important Penguin Beach.  Penguin beach is a yellow eyed penguin sanctuary and home to the little blue penguin.  The predator proof fence line has had a huge impact in protecting the penguins from feral cats, stoats, ferrets and other pests along with a 365 day a year self funded predator control programme which includes trapping and regular patrols of the property.

Over the past few years acres of gorse has been cleared and thousands of native trees have been planted in an effort to restore this precious land and to provide even more natural enviroments for our native birds.  Natures Wonders has not created but preserved and restored the enviroments for the penguins, seals, and cormorants to continue to successfully live and breed in their natural surroundings the way Mother Nature intended it to be.

Visitors from all over the world have been left speechlesss and in awe at what is being achieved at Natures Wonders.


Conservation Fund

Natures Wonders has set up a conservation fund, as many of our visitors wanted a way to support the conservation effort. Donations to the fund are gratefully acccepted, as Natures Wonders does not recieve any funding.

Please get in touch with us to learn how you can donate towards the protection of the wildlife habitats, predator control and the planting of native tress at Natures Wonders

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