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The Otago Peninsula headland is arguably the most precious wildlife habitat in New Zealand, and has been described by David Bellamy as "one of the finest examples of eco-tourism in the world". 

Natures Wonders is located right on the forefront of this headland, and is a self-funded conservation effort to ensure that this land is preserved for all future generations to enjoy, by protecting the penguins, fur seals and other wildlife.

It is a real experience, owned by real people. Wildlife is living in natural environments the way nature intended it to be. The team at Natures Wonders do not build hutches or shelters, they don't feed the wildlife, and the wildlife is not subjected to tagging, handling or any form of testing. This is as real as it gets when it comes to wildlife habitats.

The Yellow Eyed and Blue Penguins are a great example as they freely go about their lives on Penguin Beach. There is a common perception that penguins only go out to sea early in the morning and only return at dusk. This is not the case on Penguin Beach where the undisturbed penguins are seen throughout the day as they come and go and get on with their daily lives.

The excellence of Natures Wonders tours has drawn interest from 28 different documentary film crews and for many visitors it has been the highlight of their New Zealand tour.

The Dream

Perry Reid has a dream, a dream to protect this special land, the pengiuns and seals as well as working towards re planting the native forest of the area to provide a snactuary for our native birds.  He wants to make a place for the whole world and future generations to see.  His passion is extended throughout the family and his wife Tracey is right there at his side.





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